Good news for those interested in theory-practice of Real Estate Development.

Our edited book has been published as a much more ‘affordable’ paperback. Also an ebook. Thanks again to all contributors

Available from the publisher HERE

Squires, G., Heurkens, E., Pieser, R. (Eds) (2021). Companion to Real Estate Development. Routledge.

Here is an overview of the book chapters…


1 Real estate development: an overview

Graham Squires, Erwin Heurkens, and Richard Peiser


Social and spatial impact of real estate development

2 Leveraging property values for metro railway development in
Hong Kong: experiences and lessons
Bo-sin Tang

3 Teardowns and reinvestment in the inner-ring suburbs of Chicago
Suzanne Lanyi Charles

4 Public real estate development projects and urban transformation:
the case of flagship projects
Nadia Alaily-Mattar, Johannes Dreher, Fabian Wenner, and Alain Thierstein

Markets and economics of real estate development

5 Investment and development behavior following the Great Recession
Raymond G. Torto

6 Land use policies and markets in some selected African countries
Moses M. Kusiluka, Sophia M. Kongela, and Karl-Werner Schulte

7 Residential prices, housing development, and construction costs

Paloma Taltavull de La Paz and Raul Pérez

8 Retail market analysis for development projects: coping with new

frontiers in retailing

Petros Sivitanides


Organization and management of real estate development

9 Private sector-led urban development: characteristics, typologies,

and practices

Erwin Heurkens

10 Building and leading high performance real estate companies

Frank Apeseche

11 Strategic management systems for real estate development

Paul H. K. Ho

12 Organizing public–private partnerships for real estate development

through urban finance innovation

Michael Nadler

13 The self-organizing city: an analysis of the institutionalization of

organic urban development in the Netherlands

Edwin Buitelaar, Erwin Grommen, and Erwin van der Krabben


Finance and investment for real estate development

14 A historical evolutionary and cyclical perspective on models of

development finance

Colin Jones

15 The future of finance and investment for real estate development and

investment: changing approach for a new structural era

Christopher B. Leinberger

16 Mechanisms for financing affordable housing development

Graham Squires

17 The value investment approach to real estate development: a case study

from Berlin, Germany

Stephan Bone-Winkel and Karim Rochdi


Environment and sustainability in real estate development

18 Sustainable transformation in real estate developments through conversions

Hilde Remøy and Sara Wilkinson

19 Sustainability of office buildings: lessons learned from academic and

professional research

Sofia Dermisi

20 Post-disaster recovery for real estate development: an analysis of

multi-family investment from the perspective of a low income

housing tax credit (LIHTC) project

Elaine Worzala and V. Lynn Hammett

21 Drivers and opportunities of sustainability in real estate development

Sven Bienert and Rogerio Santovito

22 The foundations of sustainability in real estate markets

Richard Reed


Design in real estate development

23 Actor perceptions of good design for real estate development

Peter Hendee Brown

24 Good design for real estate development: moving beyond the generic city

Alex Duval

25 The design of real estate: a framework for value creation

Bing Wang


Land use policy and governance of real estate development

26 Developing vibrant centers: the public–private development perspective

Emil Malizia

27 The challenges for effective governance of real estate development

in a future urban world

Kathy Pain

28 Local politics, planning, land use controls, and real estate development

John McDonald

29 Trends in land use and government policy affecting real estate

development in the USA

David Hamilton and Richard Peiser

Available from the publisher HERE

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