Graham Squires


Professor of Property Studies, New Zealand

(PhD – University of Manchester, UK).

Key Interests:

  • Property;
    • Housing,
    • Economics,
    • Planning,
    • Geography,
    • Development,
    • Finance,
    • Real Estate,
    • Tech,
    • Environment,
    • Society,
    • Politics
    • Policy.




  1. Professor of Property Studies, New Zealand
  2. Co-Editor in Chief of the Property Management Journal
  3. President and Board Member of the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society (PRRES)
  4. Board Member of the International Real Estate Society (IRES).
  5. CEO of The Property Foundation
  6. Director of The Property Knowledge Ltd
  7. Co-Director of Property Technology Ltd
  8. Council member of the New Zealand Association of Economists (NZAE).


  1. PhD University of Manchester, UK
  2. Visiting scholar at the University of California Berkeley, University of Illinois, and Delft University.
  3. Author of 6 books.
  4. Written over 100 peer-review journals, conference papers, grant-funded reports, and book chapters.
  5. Director – Real Estate Analysis Unit (REAU).
  6. Fulbright UK-US Scholar @ University of California Berkeley



Graham Squires is the Professor of Property Studies at Lincoln University, New Zealand. He has lectured in the United Kingdom at The University of Manchester, UWE Bristol, and Birmingham University. Plus he has been a Professor of Property Studies at Massey University, New Zealand. Visiting positions have been at The University of Illinois, United States; and Delft University, The Netherlands. He is a member of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS) and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). He is a Fulbright Scholar registered at The University of California, Berkeley (2013, UK-US Program).

He is the current CEO of The Property Foundation which connects academia, the property industry, and society. This connection exemplifies his approach to research that is real-world relevant, multi-stakeholder engaged, and empirically robust. His ethos is to improve the integration of theory-practice-policy that is multi-disciplinary and works with multiple institutions. He is the Director of a property research consultancy, The Property Knowledge Ltd. Plus he is a Co-Director of a conferencing and technology company, Property Technology Ltd

Graham is the author of 6 books all published by Routledge. Urban and Environmental Economics (2012) Solo Author. International Approaches to Real Estate Development (2015) with Erwin Heurkens. Building Procurement (2011) with Brian Greenhalgh. Routledge Companion to Real Estate Development (2017) with Erwin Heurkens and Rick Peiser (Harvard University). Construction Procurement: Complex Property Development (2022) with Brian Greenhalgh and Abdul Mahamadu.  The Economics of Property and Planning (2022) Solo Author.

He has over 100 peer review journals, conference papers, grant-funded reports, books, and book chapters. Grant funders include The World Bank (WB) and The United Nations UN). Further funders include The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Valuers Education and Integrity Foundation, The Property Foundation, UK Department for Energy and Climate Change, UK Department for Communities and Local Government, UK Economics and Social Research Council, and The Fulbright Commission (US-UK).

Graham takes a public engagement approach and is interviewed regularly by the media on property-related issues. Outreach includes invitations to globally recognised academic seminars, consultancies, and professional bodies. With many invited roles as keynote speaker, chair, host, guest speaker, and panel speaker.

He is also committed to scholarly duties by peer-reviewing on academic journals, doctoral theses, and research grants. For learned societies, he is on the editorial board of the Property Management Journal (PMJ), the Journal of Property Investment and Finance (JPIF), and the Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis (IJHMA). He is also the Co-Editor In Chief of the Property Management Journal (PMJ)

Professor Squires is President and board member of the Pacific Rim Real Estate Society (PRRES), and Board director of the International Real Estate Society (IRES). Further, he serves as a board member of the New Zealand Association of Economists (NZAE).