In the lead up to the New Zealand 2020 election it is worthwhile having a look at what proportion of people bother to vote. Here is some analysis in each constituency from 2017

For the general electorate (64 seats) and the Maori electorate (7 seats) we see that the general electorate have higher engagement with 80.83% of voters on the roll voting. This is compared to the Maori electorate that has 66.71% of voters on the roll voting.

For the Maori electorate turnout, we see a lower turnout in the regions near Auckland. Those 2 lowest turnouts in the 59% to 65% category are in the Maori constituencies of Tamaki Makaurau and Hauraki-Waikato.

Looking at the general electorate turnout we again see a more apathetic voting turnout in the Auckland region (in white). This needs zooming in to see what is happening in the most densely populated region of constituencies.

The 3 lowest voter turnout (in white at 66-70% turnout) constituencies are located in the less affluent South Auckland locations of Mangere, Manukau East, and Manurewa. Looking like a classic case of urban-poor voting apathy.

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