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Routledge Companion to Real Estate Development

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Real estate development shapes the way people live and work, playing a crucial role in determining our built environment. Around the world, real estate development reflects both universal human needs and region-specific requirements, and with the rise of globalization there is an increasing need to better understand the full complexity of global real estate development. This Companion provides comprehensive coverage of the major contemporary themes and issues in the field of real estate development research.

International Approaches to Real Estate Development

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An international approach to the study and teaching of real estate is increasingly important in today’s global market. With chapters covering numerous countries and every continent, International Approaches to Real Estate Development introduces real estate development theory and practice to students and professionals in the comparative international context. The book provides readers with a global compendium written by an international team of experts and includes key features such as:
Chapters covering: the United States; United Kingdom; Netherlands; Hungary; United Arab Emerites; Bahrain and Qatar; Ghana; Chile; India; China; Hong Kong; and Australia

Urban and Environmental Economics Click Here to Buy Direct from the Publisher

The importance of the built environment to environmental protection is well established, with strict environmental regulations now a feature of the working lives of planners, contractors, building designers, and quantity surveyors alike. Those new to, or preparing to join this industry must have an understanding of how their environmental responsibilities relate to their professional responsibilities in economic terms.

Introduction to Building Procurement Click Here to Buy Direct from the Publisher

The procurement stage of the building process is critical to the success of any building project, and as such must be understood by everybody entering the industry. Introduction to Building Procurement is designed to familiarize the reader with the principles and methods of building procurement.

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