I am open for PhD Supervision proposals. Key PhD Supervision interests include:

  • The Economics of Property and Planning
  • Housing Economics and Finance
  • The Future Financing of Cities: Urban and Environmental Economics
  • Land Economy and Sustainable Development

I encourage mixed-method approaches using institutional qualitative and spatial-statistical quantitative techniques.  

PhD Research Supervision:


Alan Pope. (2016-2020). Leasehold Properties and Land Rent. PhD

Adekunle, Ogunnaike. (2013-2016). Enhancing Homeownership Opportunities Among Middle-Income Earners. PhD.

Samantha Organ. (2012-2015). Motivations for Energy Efficient Refurbishment in Housing. PhD


David White. (2017-). Behavioural Approaches to Housing Affordability and Investment. PhD

Xueqi Wang (2020-). An examination of intergenerational wealth and housing tenure variations in New Zealand. PhD.

Alexander Sasu (2020-). Land Banking: An Effective Land Conversion Mechanism?. PhD.

PhD External Examination

University of Birmingham

University of the Witwatersrand

University of Melbourne

Deakin University, Australia

University of Auckland

Ulster University

University of South Australia