Given the importance and power of ‘now’, it is useful to put down what I’m currently working on.

On the Research side I’m working on the following:

4 PhD Projects

  1. Residential Housing Investment;
  2. Infrastructure Finance;
  3. Land Banking; and
  4. Intergenerational Wealth

23 Journal Papers at various stages on topics such as:

  1. Space Markets and Capital Markets in Housing Affordability (and Capital-Rent Yields in New Zealand Regions).
  2. Housing Diffusion – UK, National, Sub-National House Price, Deposit, Income
  3. Grand Ideas or Delusions of Grandure? Placing big thinkers and essential theories in property research
  4. NZ Reverse Mortgage
  5. The dynamic connectedness between property and infrastructures markets
  6. The role of the state in encouraging the supply of housing with care and retirement villages: Case studies in Scotland and New Zealand
  7. Green Growth and Infrastructure Investments: A cross-country analysis
  8. Intergenerational and generational housing wealth and tenure variations; Parental Support: NZ Case Study
  9. Intergenerational and generational housing wealth and race-ethnicity variations :NZ Evidences from Maori and Pasifika groups
  10. Intergenerational and generational housing wealth and income
  11. Land Banking, Market Structure and Land Prices: Is Land Banking Primarily Located in Peri Urban Land Markets?
  12. Sustainable development and land banking: Are land banking institutions a hindrance or catalyst to sustainable development?
  13. Indigenous informal land markets, land banking and land value:To what extent are indigenous informal land markets affected by land banking and land values?
  14. Investor Behaviours (stated) An evaluation of the responses of property investors, identifying the use of heuristics and biases in decision making
  15. The institutional context of investor decision making, looking at the interaction: The institutional environment and the influences on investor behaviour
  16. A framework of an alternate approach to the consideration of the factors contributing to housing pricing decisions
  17. House Prices and Steady States in World Cities, OECD Cities
  18. Project Bonds to Finance Infrastructure
  19. Green Bonds to Finance Infrastructure
  20. Sustainable Bonds to Finance Infrastructure
  21. Household Wealth, Housing Price, and Affordability over the last decades: Evidence from New Zealand
  22. Intergeneration variations and housing in Australia
  23. Regional Housing and Health Difference in Difference Model

On the Media side I’m developing:

  • A series of written Blogs and Newsletter
  • A series of video short Study Courses based on topics of interest

On the Life side of Work, I’m taking up some old and new fun interests

  • Music: Drums,
  • Sport: Running, Squash, Golf
  • Health: Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Yoga
  • Adventure: #Vanlife