Given the importance and power of ‘now’, it is useful to put down what I’m currently working on.

On the Research side I’m working on the following:

  • Working with 5 PhD students on various research projects such as: Residential Housing Investment; Infrastructure Finance; Land Banking; Transport-Housing Markets, and Intergenerational Wealth
  • 19 Journal Papers at various stages on topics such as:
    • Green Bonds to Finance Infrastructure
    • The dynamic correlation and connectedness between housing and infrastructure
    • Examining the development of infrastructure bond markets against traditional bank financing in project finance
    • The impact of the availability heuristic on ground leaseholders’ perception of rent review risk
    • Real Estate Machine Learning: Google Search Terms and Transaction Data
    • Housing Affordability and The Global Shocks
    • What determinants make Financial Fragility and Housing Inequality extreme?
    • The connectedness of house price affordability and rental price affordability measures
    • Rental and house price affordability measures: Are they connected?
    • Housing Price Dynamics and Regional Affordability: A case study from the UK
    • Regional Housing and Health Differences
    • House price, capital valuation and land value
    • Reframing Transit Oriented Development
    • From Prescription to Negotiation: The past, present, and future of the Resources Management Act (RMA) in New Zealand
    • The liquidity of ETFs and Their Performance during the Global Shocks
    • Tenure and intergenerational wealth
  • Writing 2 books on (1) The Economics of Property and Planning; and (2) Construction Procurement
  • Working on 3 ‘Research Projects – Live’ projects awarded that look at the (1) Impact of Healthy Homes Standards on Rental Properties, and (2) The Future Performance and Productivity of the Professions in post Covid-19 Workplaces; and (3) Working on a United Nations UN-Habitat and University College London (UCL) reporting and mapping innovative governance modalities for urban design in cities
  • Working on 6 ‘Research Projects – Prospects’, on topics such as: (1) Urban Transitions to a Sustainable Future; (2) Housing Wealth and Inequality Monitor; (3) Spatial Justice and Uneven Geographical Development in Transit-Oriented Development and Housing; (4) Mapping and visualising regional housing affordability and inequalities; (5) Tenancy Tribunal Assessment; and (6) Land Use Recycling

On the Media side I’m developing:

  • A series of written Blogs on topics of interest
  • A series of video short Study Courses based on topics of interest
  • Developing my 2nd Brain
  • Improving this Website

On the Life side of Work, I’m taking up some old and new fun interests

  • Crafting some home woodwork projects
  • Picking up on the long-overdue mountain biking expeditions
  • Playing the drums
  • Keep fit with Running