Given the importance and power of ‘now’, it is useful to put down what I’m currently working on.

On the Research side I’m working on the following:

  • Working with 4 PhD students on various research projects such as: Residential Housing Investment; Infrastructure Finance; Land Banking; and Intergenerational Wealth
  • 13 Journal Papers at various stages on topics such as: Machine Learning; Financial Innovations in Infrastructure; Housing Affordability and The Global Shocks; Housing and Intergenerational Wealth Inequality; Housing Affordability Rental Policy and Trends; Housing Tenure Affordability Nominal/Real Analysis; Regional Housing Affordability; Affordable Housing and Brownfield Sites; Comparative Affordability Ratios and Macro Variable Regressions; Regional Housing and Health Differences; House price, capital valuation and land value; Reframing Transit Oriented Development; The liquidity of ETFs and Their Performance during the Global Shocks
  • Writing 2 books on (1) The Economics of Property and Planning; and (2) Construction Procurement
  • Working on 3 Research Grant Proposals, on topics such as: Urban Transitions to a Sustainable Future (Land Use Recycling); Housing Wealth and Inequality; and Transit Oriented Development
  • Working on 2 internal funded academic research projects awarded that look at the (1) Impact of Healthy Homes Standards on Rental Properties, and (2) The Future Performance and Productivity of the Professions in post Covid-19 Workplaces

On the Media side I’m developing:

  • A series of written Blogs on topics of interest
  • A series of video short Study Courses based on topics of interest
  • Developing my 2nd Brain
  • Improving this Website

For Consultancy Research, several areas of work include:

  • Working on a Funded Consultancy Research Project with the United Nations UN-Habitat and University College London (UCL) reporting and mapping innovative governance modalities for urban design in European cities
  • Developing a Consultancy Proposal researching Tenancy Tribunal data using interesting database data capture techniques, analysis and visualisation

On the Life side of Work, I’m taking up some old and new fun interests

  • Crafting some home woodwork projects
  • Picking up on the long overdue mountain biking expeditions
  • Keep fit sessions at Crossfit…did I just mention I do Crossfit