(Photo / NZ Herald)

It is hard to imagine a time when the real estate sector has had it so good.

With the huge price increases we’ve seen, agents’ percentages are steady, so they too are banking big pay increases.

On a sale of $900,000, around $30,000 will go to the agent.

The question therefore remains, in a sellers’ market; does it make sense to cut out the middle man?

Graham Squires is with Massey University’s school of Economics and Finance and he told Tim Dower he can see a future where more New Zealanders take a DIY approach to selling property.

“There’s going to be a few sellers, I would imagine, who want to, as you say, cut out the middle man and start to  take more of a DIY ethos when they see such a high proportion of the house price being ripe for the picking.”


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