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Raw Data

Unconditional Sales



Sale Price

Sale Date

List Price

Settlement Date

Days to sell

Sale category (Residence)

Sale Method (Private)


Organisation (other REINZ member)


Floor Area

Land Area

New Dwelling (no)

Sale Tenure (freehold)

Rural Insights



Median Sales Price

Median sales price one year prior

Sale Price Diff from 1yr Prior %

Median Sale Price 3yrs Prior

% Sale Price Diff from 3yrs Prior %

Median valuation

Median list price

No of sales

Median days to sell

Total sales volume

Median price per hectare

Milk solids per hectare

Overview of an area

Sales statistics (by Suburb / Ward/ Region/school zone/council)

Bedroom breakdown

Year on year median

Census statistics

School zones


House prices median

conditional / unconditional (before settlement)

Days to sell

Volume / Numbers of Sales

Other variables: number of bedrooms,

Lifestyle block price / hectare

Rural Farm Sales Price Median

(Dairy , Finishing, Grazing, Horticulture)

Geography (see table)

Monthly changes

Seasonal adjustment option

The key difference between REINZ data and other housing data on the market is that REINZ has access to sales data from the time the price is locked in (unconditional date) rather than when the house changes hands (settlement date) which often is weeks or months later.

REINZ data is based on sales as they occur which is provided by our 14,000 + members nationwide. Other housing market data sources report on sales once they have become settled.

New Zealand Ex-AucklandDue to demand from our members and because of our new boundaries, we have been able to create a NZ ex-Auckland calculation. This provides all REINZ report information for New Zealand, if we removed the Auckland Council from the calculations.
RegionCreated in conjunction with the Reserve Bank, this is a combination of council boundaries joined together. Although not identical to Regional Councils they keep a similar boundary.Southland
Territorial Authority (council)The council boundaries of New Zealand, totaling 67 for both city and district councils. In the case of the Auckland Supercity, we also provide the historical council boundaries of North Shore City, Manukau  etc.South Taranaki District
WardsOften called electorates, council wards are smaller boundaries within larger demographic authority areas. Not all councils have wards, it is predominantly based on governance lines.Orakei Ward, Auckland
SuburbsNew Zealand has no official suburb boundary, with different sources drawing different lines on a map. REINZ has standardised around the address file suburbs, which are based almost exclusively on the New Zealand Emergency Services suburbs.Avonhead, Christchurch

Further indexing

HPI – House Price Index

The REINZ HPI measures total housing market activity, it wraps up a series of metrics by looking at the sale price as it relates to a value influenced by housing attributes such as land area, floor area, number of bedrooms etc. to create a single, more accurate measure of housing activity and trends over time.

Four most recognised international HPI methodologies: Sale Price to Appraisal Ratio (SPAR, Standard Hedonic, Repeat Sales and our previous method – the Stratified Median).